Monday, May 23, 2016

Game of Thrones 2016 Presidential Edition

I was thinking about putting GoT and 2016 President election

Donald Trump = Ramsay Bolton. Legitimized Bastard of the Republican Party. He skinned his enemies to be on top.

09 | July | 2012 | I'm Just Walkin'            

Hillary  Clinton= Cersei Lannister.  Former Queen (First Lady) of the Free world. She now wants to be in charge. She is ruthless, phony, and will have you gutted by one of her flunkies. She hates President Obama on the molecular level.

Cersei Lannister Cersei

Senator Bernie Sanders = Jon Snow.  Bastard of the Democratic Party. You can't kill him. He just keeps coming back.

  Jon Snow - Jon Snow Photo (30574662) - Fanpop
Senator Ted Cruz  and Governor John Kasich = Hodor - Pack Elephant for Republican party
Dr. Ben Carson= Theon Greyjoy. Swinging Dick with a big mouth . Betrayed  his people  and made a Eunuch  peon by Trump.
The Starks =  The Kennedys     Ned = JFK,  Robb = JFK  jr.

The Kennedys

The Iron Bank = The Coke Brothers/ Special interest groups  
In keeping with the Koch brothers position on various issues, Lonegan ...

Karl Rove - the Red woman.  Full of bad advice and opinions. He still believes Romney won in 2012.

Carly  is Queen Margery -  Margery only VP for about a week

Margery a queen for about a week

Bill Clinton is Jaime L

Joe Biden is Tyrion -

Joe Biden Accused Of Being Way Too Touchy-Feely With New Defense ...

Jeb Bush is Stannis Baratheon - Sacrificed  everything to win the nomination. Started the campaign by only going by his first name. He was the punching bag at every debate. Then he went back to his family to get them to help him. It didn't help.

Jeb Bush: We Need to Dramatically Expand Immigrants Coming to Work ...

Big Hutch

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