Thursday, September 14, 2017

RIP Len Wein

This past week, legendary comic creator Len Wein passed away at the age of 69.  Like most creators in the Golden Age of comics at Marvel, he is often a forgotten member of the team that helped us bring the classic characters that we know and love so well.  Probably most importantly, he helped bring us the Giant Sized X-Men Team which rebooted the book as a much more diverse line up with his creation of Storm and Nightcrawler coming onto the team.  He is also the modern creator of Wolverine who is.... look there is no X-Men without Wolverine as he became the most important member of the team in modern times.

Brothascomics has been to several cons over the past few years and we were unable to meet him. This is a huge loss in comic history- one that we hope does not get passed  over!

Full article at NY Daily News
Len Wein Passes away

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