Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is it worth a Redbox: Pitch Perfect 2

For these Redbox reviews, we usually pick movies that either struggled hard at the box office or did kinda sorta well and people have heard of the movie but probably didn't want to pay real money to see it in the movie theater.

Pitch Perfect 2 does not meet any of the criteria.  The movie was a huge box office success and made in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  But I am using it for the feature because Pitch Perfect does play primarily to a female( mostly white female) audience and I wanted to review it from a brothas perspective.  Like i find it to be hilarious that a movie about singing acapella has like 2 black people in it.  Its funny how certain people are okay to accept soulfully singing acapella( Pitch Perfect), or dancing ( Step Up), or even prison( Orange is the New Black) as fun and entertaining when they recognize the faces as their own.  Yet if a Black person attempted to make these movies or shows, they would never receive the critical acclaim or accolades or box office these movies and shows receive.  Just a side brotha note!

I did see the first Pitch Perfect on one of those DirectTV free HBO weekends. I recorded it and watched it with the Mrs. not thinking anything about it and I really enjoyed it.  The concept of acapella being a thing in college and how it was executed with heart and humor in the original entertained me! Plus, not gonna lie, Ima a sucker for Anna Kendrick!  The over the top stuff with Rebel Wilson I could do without and I feel really took away from the movie.

Well Pitch Perfect 2 has alot more Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy and they give her way too much time for her brand of shenanigans for my part.  The plot of the whole movie is based on something Fat Amy does that shames the Bellas and the movie rolls on from there with a World Acapella Championship and some of the same "battles" that were popular in the first movie- just with a newer set list of songs.  There is a side plot of a new Bella, the Bellas graduating, and Anna Kendricks character looking to find a job as a music producer.  Its all in good fun!

So is it worth a Redbox rental?  In a word, YES but the movie is not nearly as fun and enjoyable as the first one. Not even close!  But its funny and good hearted; although its about 20 minutes too long.
So rent Pitch Perfect 2. You wont feel like you wasted that $1.50

The Producer

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