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All New Archie #3: Comic Review

@brothascomics continues are reviews of the All New Archie.  Episode 2 ended with the introduction of Veronica Lodge.  Archie, being the klutz that he is, destroyed the Lodge house while its being built.  Now Veronica is starting her first day at Riverdale High School and Archie is mad excited to meet his dream girl.  Maybe a bit too excited as when the Lodge limo pulls into the parking lot, it almost takes Archie out.  He is saved, naturally, by his best friend, Jughead.  Jughead, in the original Archie Comics is famously a "Woman Hater" and he and Veronica have the definition of a love/hate relationship.  The seeds for this relation in the All New Archie are planted early and often.

Once Veronica makes her appearance, Archie is smitten and whipped from the start.  He is on book carrying and tour guide duty.  Veronica also calls him "Andy" in a form of relationship disrespect that Jughead notices and hates.

The artwork in this book is great, by the way.  The rendering of Veronica makes me want to carry her books and give her a tour of my school, too.  Veronica in the All New Archie, is a  former reality tv star who's family has moved to Riverdale with her family as Mr. Lodge is opening up a new factory in this town.  Veronica is rich and a bit of a snob.  She also knows about Archie destroying their house and is holding that secret to keep Archie in check.

Jughead, seeing his boy acting like a punk, tries to check him but dudes that whipped, have no idea they are whipped.

Jughead does what he can to try and save his boy from a lifetime of cuckold behavior.  He tries too enlist Betty to help out and Betty is not having it.  I love the contemporary move of them texting in school- which is totally how this would play out now.  Betty sites the #lipstickincident and says its none of her business what Archie does.

Meanwhile, Veronica is working her way through the school charming teachers and students alike.  Her day seems to be going pretty smooth.  Of course a rich girls first time in public school wont always go so smooth. Archie takes her through the cafeteria and she wonders who the chef is at the school.  Veronica settles on the Sloppy Joe before making her way to a table of girls who are a bit in awe of her but refuse to kiss her ass like most others do.

At the lunch table, Veronica makes the mistake of actually eating the Sloppy Joe.  Now you can imagine the pallet of a rich person probably ain't ready for the grimy, greasiness of the Sloppy Joe.
Veronica gives it all up in front of the entire cafeteria and of course she is embarrassed to all ends of the Earth.

Veronica runs out of the cafeteria into the restroom and calls her father and lets him have it through her tears.  She never wanted to move, she wants to get picked up and come home.  She is all sobs and wailing.  Of course, in a stall is Betty, hearing all of this.  Betty has always had a heart for those in need, even those who are in the process of stealing her ex boyfriend. She gives Veronica a shoulder to cry on and even goes to the Home Ec class to get her a change of clothes.  Of course ,Veronica being the snob that she is, laughs off the change of clothes and insults Betty all at once.  This infuriates Betty, naturally!

Once Betty gets a chance, she texts Jughead and tells him, "Its on"!
This book keeps getting better every month. Again, I am very protective of Archie and its characters but each month they have been able to craft stories that make sense in a contemporary world, but also stay true to the characters.  Next month, we finally learn what is the #lipstickincident.  #Cantwait!

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