Monday, August 3, 2015


With the new NFL season kicking off In September, I decided to mash up my two favorite things: NFL Football  and Comics. This is my Brothascomics Superhero ALL Fantasy team: I' ll create a Marvel team first. 
 Owner - Norman Osborne -  Yes, I know most people will go with Tony Stark (Iron Man), but Norman Osborne reminds me of Jerry Jones. He would do anything to win.

Head Coach - Captain America: Enuff said:

Offensive Coordinator - Dr. Doom: Think Bill Belicheat in Hoodie Armor.
Quarterback – Spider-Man:  Mike Vick  with “spider sense”

Running Back – Wolverine:  Emitt Smith with the ability to heal and smoke during the game.

Full Back - The Thing : Former college football standout and eternal member of Rocky Top Nation, Grimm could deliver Clobbering hits to Linebackers.

Tight End –Hercules - "Big Herc" could block and catch the ball if required
Wide Receiver – Quicksilver: The mutant speedster can break the sound barrier on foot, stretching opposing defenses with his deep threat ability.

Wide Receiver - Silver Surfer : Terrelle Owens in a skintight silver suit with the Power Cosmic.
Center – Sasquatch: The Alpha Flight member played for the Green Bay Packers
Right Guard – Colossus: Big, young, and made of metal.
Left Guard – Wonder Man : He thinks he should have a glamour position. Just shut up and block.

Left Tackle – The Hulk: Anthony Munoz in Green 

Right Tackle – Warpath: Jim Thorpe would be Proud(star)


Defensive Coordinator - MODOK - The Leader was indisposed

Nose TackleJuggernaut -  No one stops the Juggernaut.

Left End - Red Hulk- - Reggie White with a mean streak

Right End - Goliath  - Big and Ugly. Can swat down passes 

Left Outside Linebacker - Hyperion - Super everything  man can cover, tackle, and blitz

Left Inside Linebacker - Terrax the Tamer -  Rock solid tackler

Right Inside LinebackerThor - Goldilocks is another physical tackle. More durable than Clay Matthews Jr.

Right Outside Linebacker  - War Machine - Nothing fancy, just results.

Strong Safety The Beast - Will call out the other teams formation and play during time outs.

Left Cornerback: Black Panther - A lock down defender with skills

Right Cornerback : Black Bolt - Silent but deadly

Free Safety: The Human Torch - Can literally light you up

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