Monday, August 3, 2015


Editor's note.... This $@#T was a lot harder for DC than Marvel.

 Owner - Lex Luthor -Ruthless and will pull out all the stops  to win

Head Coach - Mr Terrific -JSA leader and Rooney Rule. mr terrific back to heroes main mr terrific

Offensive Coordinator - The Oracle - First woman OC.

Quarterback – The Batman -  The Dark Knight can also pass and throw. Think of Peyton Manning in his Prime.
... Alter Ego’ superhero line of football gloves are incredible
Running Back – Orion -They play ball on Apokolips.orion comments long time enemies darkseid of apokolips and highfather ...
Full Back - Timberwolf - He would travel back in time to play.
Tight End - Cyborg - A great athlete, but a little fragile.
Wide Receiver – Flash - The Fastest Man Alive  can outrun everybody
Wide Receiver - Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Loves to Trash talk

Center –  Superman - Has to be the Centerpiece
Fantasy Sports Counselor
Right Guard – Atom Smasher - Perfect Lineman
Left Guard – Shazam - Blocks like a god 
Left Tackle – Martian Manhunter - Can Shape change to stop pass rushers
Right Tackle – Steele -  The "D"  in DC  stands for Diversity
Defensive Coordinator - Brainiac
Left Defensive Tackle - Solomon Grundy -  A southern zombie
Left EndKiller Croc - Ugly and stinks like old sweat socks dipped in pickle juice
Right End - Gorilla Grodd - Smartest  Defensive Lineman ever. Strong as Hell too

Right Defensive Tackle- Major Force  Talks trash and follows assignments. Think of the Boz  
Major Force. Illustrated by Dave Grote Jr.
Left Outside Linebacker - Black Adam - The Egyptian Wizards knows some tricks
Middle Linebacker - Ares - God of War
Right Outside Linebacker  - General Zod - Plays dirty 
Strong Safety Black Green Lantern - He knows how to back up someone
Left Cornerback: Sinestro . Mr Pink
Right Cornerback Professor Zoom -Reverse Flash. Took other teams playbook from the 25th Century
Free Safety: Captain Atom. Can cover the field.
What team would win   Dc or Marvel ?

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