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Wednesday, October 24, 2012The REAL LIFE Suicide Squad of 17 other  establishment Republican Presidential Candidates  have to go up against Gotham's resident Clown Prince of Politics on Fox News Channel tonight

When Donald Trump declared for the White House  two months ago, everyone thought it was a joke. Why would a Billionaire waste his time and money running for a job that only pays relatively nothing($400,000 per year, including a $50,000 expense allowance.) You can't fire most of the bureaucrats that actually run Washington and  the special interest groups are so deeply rooted in D.C, that our representatives forget about us, their constituents.

So here comes The Donald, hair piece and all. talking bad about Mexicans, giving Senator McCain the business about being a "war hero", and busting chops on every deal President Obama has made in his 7 years in office. If the Donald was an ordinary politician making any of these remarks in public, he would be apologizing on every media outlet  and dropping out the race. However, The Donald actually used these remarks to become the front runner of all the Republican candidates,

 Now the Grand Old Party is in a tight spot. They see Donald Trump as a loose cannon that they can't control or trust. The Bush/Karl Rove Republicans  are scheming with the others to form a Suicide Squad  to help The Donald implode during the Fox Debate

Who's going to play Deadshot Deadshot | 1440 x 900 | Download | Close and take aim at Trump's flip flops on gay rights, abortion, immigration, and supporting the Clintons. If that person fails at making a dent in Trump's political armor, they can kiss goodbye any hopes of becoming the nominee for '16 and beyond. My guess for this role will be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  Three years ago, Gov. Christie  was the big mouth yankee talking straight and destined to be the Republican nominee until the bridge scandal in New Jersey made him look petty.  Maybe Dr. Ben Carson, who made his bones by bad mouthing the President at a political function, will take the shot. Trump knows he is the main target of all the other candidates and will have his acid  flower ready
the joker.... Care to smell the flower? More

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