Sunday, August 30, 2015

Andrew Garfield trying to keep his geek cred

Garfield wanted Spider Man in MCU

According to Andrew Garfield, he also wanted Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  In an interview with Uproxx, Garfield hinted that was something that he was pushing for, but essentially the studio would not agree to do it! He also stated that he is happy for "fill in the blank white actor" who now has the role and he is excited to see what happens with the character!

I'm sorry but I'm not buying this at all! Not that Andrew Garfield is or ever will be an A list movie star, but he could've exerted some pressure on Sony to make a deal with Marvel before he took the role! If he really wanted that to happen, he could have negotiated before signing onto the movie and if he felt passionate enough about it, he coulda forced Sony's hand because at the time, they had no one else in mind for that role as they had locked onto Garfield early in the process. Or he coulda just not took it and left Sony twisting in the wind to find his replacement.

Also, after the first movie was tepidly received by fans (and I'm being kind), he could've asked for changes especially after he saw the script for Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was God awful! At this point, he is the star of the franchise and the sequel would not move forward without him.  He could've asked for changes or renegotiated and Sony was not in a position to say no and we all would be been saved from that movie!

The reality is Andrew Garfield is trying to keep his "geek cred"! This is not.uncommon for Hollywood folk to do after a geek centric movies fails!  Blame the studio, blame the writers, blame the advertisers- but take none of the blame yourself for the shit you signed off on, starred in, and took a fat check for! The reality is that Andrew Garfield cares nothing for Peter Parker or Spider-Man and had no skins in if the movie failed or succeeded! And that is ok ! But don't come back later and try to convince us that you stop that hot mess but couldn't! I ain't buying that!

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