Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marvin Lewis and Bengals - Dead Men Walking

       The Bengal's season is over !! The Bengals are looking at going 3-5 during the second half of the regular season. Whomever they play in the 1st round of the playoffs will be favored by the experts to win.  Andy Dalton won't be ready to play. McCarron will be sacrificed to either the Jets or the (ugh) Stealers. Marvin will be 0- 7 in the Playoffs. Former  Bengal coaches' Mike Zimmer in Minnesota and Jay Gruden in Washington will also get beat in their playoff games to complete the Circle of  Futility.

            I'm hoping that the following doesn't happen in order

1.  The Stealers beat the Bengals in the 1st round again
2.  The Jets beat the Bengals in the 1st round  again
3.  Carson Palmer wins the Super Bowl with the Cardinals
 IV.   Patriots win #5
5.  Stealers win # 7

I hope I'm wrong

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