Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More bad Gambit movie News

Anna Paquin not in Gambit Movie

** Side Brotha Note** before we begin from the Producer.  Um, my feelings for Anna Paquin are not pure. I like her... ALOT. I am not sure why because she is not classically attrative.  But there is something about Anna. I've seen many of her movies and the only thing I have not seen is Tru Blood because I don't fuck with horror or vampires.

In case you did not hear, Anna Paquin, who played Rogue in the first 3 Xmen movies and then was disappeared in Days of Future Past for some reason, tweeted out that she will not be appearing in the Channing Tatum lead Gambit movie- which begins( allegedly filming) in October 7, 2015.  This comes on the heels of director, Rupert Wyatt dropping out of the project about 3 weeks ago.  With filming set to begin, the film essentially only has its leading man and a skeleton script with no director at this point.

This movie has been ill conceived from the start it seems with Fox wanting to move ahead, even though every indication is that this will be a terrible movie.  Just to review the train wreck this project had endured before filming:

1. Casting Tatum as the lead.  Many and most found this to be an odd choice. His build and his ability to pull off the Cajun accent have all been questioned( let alone his lack of acting chops).  This seems to be a vanity/passion project for him but at what cost to his career and the character of Gambit.

2. Tatum almost left the project all together after he and Fox could not work out a deal about the money.  Tatum actually used his "fame" and power to make Fox make him a better financial deal on the project. Fox being Fox ( #FoxgonnaFox shout out to @patrick Lewis on Twitter) because they had no other options with the project, gave Tatum a fat back end deal that will pay Tatum alot of cash if the movie is successful.

3. There have been rumors about the script and what source material are they going to use.  News said this will be an origin story and deal with Gambit's history with the Thieves Guild.  Also, Lea Seydoux was cast as Bella Donna, leader of the Assassin Guild so it seems to be dealing with Gambit's history in New Orleans.  Other casting sheets seemed to confirm that as well.  A movie about the Thieves Guild and the Assasins Guild would be so boring but that seems to be the direction they are headed.

Gambit Casting Sheet

4. Gambit in or out of Age of Apocalypse?  No one really knows.  There have been rumors on both sides of this.  Since the character needs to be reintroduced, it would make sense to put him in a high profile movie before a solo movie but #FoxgonnaFox.

5. Director leaves the project.  Rupert Wyatt pulled out a month before principal filming so the rush is on to find another director.  Does this push the project back or does in finish the project completely? After the Fantastic Four Fiasco, I'm not sure how many directors are eager to go and work for Fox (#FoxgonnaFox). Plus if all the above issues are still in place, who wants to willingly enter into this chaos?  Plus the budget on the project skyrocketed to over $120 million and you know Fox needs/wants a blockbuster based on those numbers.

Big Hutch and the Producer have very strong feelings that this movie does not need to be made.  If it is made, it should be done after Gambit has been introduced into the Xmen to give his character some history and backstory before giving him his own movie.  If/when this movie is made and it fails, it could do serious damage to the X- Franchise in the future, as well as Gambit's character for future movies and projects.

Our recommendation: Scrap it Fox! Its not worth it! But we know you wont because #FoxgonnaFox!

The Producer

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