Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Disney-fication of Marvel

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What Big Hutch has feared is about to take place.  Disney is officially overseeing Marvel cinematic projects.  The announcement that Kevin Feige will now report to Disney's Alan Horn and that Marvel is now being integrated into Disney, we know what to expect next.  Kevin Feige use to report to Isaac Perlmutter who was Marvel Entertainment CEO.  Apparently, it is said that Feige and Perlmutter clashed, however this seems awfully convenient.   Not that we didn’t see this coming, but now that is has officially happened, what now?

Well, according to Disney, Kevin Feige, will serve under Disney, as other flagship departments have, such as Pixar’s (John Lasseter) and  Lucasfilms (Kathleen Kennedy).  The last Marvel cinematic outing being Antman, may have helped to clean up the bad taste from The Avenger’s Age of Ultron a bit, however, we now know that the studio will be a lot more hands-on than they have been previously, and that’s saying a lot considering they have been heavily involved to begin with.   They have already made their presence known in more ways than one, and this is not exactly a plus.

This move does not give much to look forward to, as far as creativity and originality where the Marvel cinematic universe is concerned.  However, I guess we will have to see how this all plays out.

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