Sunday, January 17, 2016

Legion Quest Part 4: Death of Xavier

The conclusion of Legion Quest which leads to the Age of Apocalypse.  This last issue( SPOILER ALERT) is going to end with the death of Charles Xavier.  Now even tho the internet was a thing when this issue came out, Marvel had already spoiled that Xavier was going to die.  The how he would die was the biggest mystery. Marvel and comic book stores even held memorial services for Xavier so this was a big deal in the world of comics.

Picking up from the last issue, Legion has made his move on Magneto with the intention of killing him so that his fathers dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants could live without the constant battles that Xavier and Magneto would endure over the years.  Legion has attacked Magneto and Magneto has used his mutant powers to fight back and a huge battle is going on in the skies of Israel.  The issue opens with our heroes looking to the sky in an attempt to soak in all that is happening.

Storm, Bishop, Iceman, and Psylocke are witnessing this fight between Legion and Magneto and are paused to what to do next.  In the previous issues, Cable came back and told them events happening in the past are destroying the future as a crystal wave from the M'Kraan Crystal is wiping out much of the present as they know it.  And if they do not stop the events from now, their future is doomed.

As the battle rages on in the sky, Charles Xavier is slowly regrouping after Legion's initial attack.  Charles's knows he is witnessing the birth of Home- Superior and its as frightening as it is exciting for Charles.  The Xmen continue to fight on with the hopes of stopping Legion from completing his mission to kill Magneto.  Charles meets his future Xmen and is awe of their power, as well as the lenghts they have gone to protect his dream.

Back in the present, Lilandra, in hologram form is informing Charles that the crystal wave is making its way across the galaxy and doesn't appear to be stopping.  Charles believes that must mean his Xmen failed and he and Lilandra share a touching moment on how its been difficult for them to ever actually be together.  The other couples Gambit and Rogue and Jean Grey and Cyclops are all pondering what is going to happen next.  Meanwhile, in the past, watching all this unfold is Apocalypse.  He is enjoying the birth of mutants and hints that this plan to take over the world has been in place for many years with his henchman, Mr. Sinister.  He is ready to see who is the fittest to survive.

The battle between Legion and Magneto rages on and the Xmen charge in to fight Legion.  Iceman, whose powers have increased recently, moves in on Legion and freezes all the molecules in his body and turns him into a Popsicle.

The initial thought is they stopped him but its short lived as Legion explodes out in psionic energy knocking everyone unconscious.   He returns his focus to Magneto with the intent to kill.  Magneto is weak from the battle and is powerless to stop what is going to happen.  But Charles is awake, but too weak to use his powers to stop Legion.  In a last and desperate attempt to save his best friend, Charles pushes Magneto out of the way and is slammed by a psionicfist by his own son, killing him.

The death of Xavier has instant ramifications Xavier is David, Legion is never born and the Xmen do not exist.  However, Bishop, because of his time placed history is left in the past with only vague memories of what has happened.  As Charles lays dead in his friends arms, the future becomes crystallized as the M'kraan wave moves over everything and nothing will ever be the same again.

Legion Quest ends and leads right into the Age of Apocalypse.  This alternate universe where Xavier dies and Magneto is the leader of the Xmen and the keeper of Charles' dream.  Many mutants who were heroes are now villains and vice -versa.  The entire series was fun and well done and we will review Age of Apocalypse: Alpha in our next installment.

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