Thursday, June 25, 2015

FF VS XMen: I'd rather Marvel do it

I love Wolverine in that brown costume
News dropped today that Fox is considering making a Fantastic Four and Xmen team up/crossover/make some money event possibly for 2018.

FF VS Xmen

Sigh... where to begin. Probably for me, I just do not want to see this happen with Fox being in charge. They have these two properties and that is fine, but they clearly do not have a great handle on what to do with the Fantastic Four.  As I wrote about previously, the FF movie franchise is really on life support and if this movie fails in August, its done.  There will be no more Fox Fantastic Four movies and, to be honest, I am kinda hoping for that!  Marvel needs to have all their properties back under their tent.  I know their shaky business practices in the past put them in this situation but that was then.  Now, they have built an audience that wants to see these movies, along with the fan boys who want to see these movies and being able to make this one, large Marvel Universe requires Marvel to have all their characters under their control. I mean, as great as the Avengers was, that movie is infinitely better if the invading alien race are the Skrulls, as opposed to the Chitauri.  But Skrulls belong to Fox and we get what we get and you don't pitch a fit!

The Xmen property is much healthier...sort of.  At the end of Age of Apocalypse next year, most of the major players for the franchise are moving on- most importantly Hugh Jackman.  AoA is introducing many classic Xmen characters it seems but will that be enough to restart the movie franchise?  And if so, should their first movie be a team up against another superhero team? It does not seem to add up!  And its so funny because, even though the two teams have fought against each other before, their team up books have actually sucked.  Like really sucked!

In the late 80's, the first team up between the two teams happened and it was a convoluted mess.  Franklin Richards had a bad dream and his dad takes the book, where the bad dreams are, and that book turns Mr. Fantastic into Dr. Doom.... and then Kitty Pryde can't phase so they seek out help from Reed Richards but he wont help.... then there is a fight between the two teams....Then real Dr. Doom does show up to save Kitty but the Xmen would have to be his slaves..... And then Kitty was going to kill herself.... OMG!  This almost sounds like one of those honest trailer movie spots.

( another reason why Marvel needs all their properties back)

So as a comic fan and movie buff, I really want Fantastic Four to do well.  I just saw the trailer again while seeing Age of Ultron( again) and I was excited for the movie. Maybe Fox learned their lessons from the first two failures.Hell, maybe they asked Marvel for help or paid attention to what made their movies successful. I don't know!  What I do know is this team up has no chance of happening if FF fails in August.

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