Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DC needs to Power down its heroes in Justice League movie

In my post from earlier today, I wrote about how DC had not earned that Batman VS Superman movie because they are rushing it due to the success of Marvel and the Avengers.  Now I want to look at why it's been so hard to adapt certain  DC character to the big screen and the small screen.
DC has always been about their Big 3-Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman! And in various media, they have been out in front for DC holding the flag for the company!  Both Superman and Bat man have had numerous live action and animated cartoons ,as solo characters and as part of the Justice League.or Super Friends. Huge fact that most Marvel people hate is that on the animated front, DC destroys Marvel in their quality of product on.TV and in straight to DVD releases.  Batman and Supes both have had several feature films-some better than others( I'm looking at you Superman 3 and 4).

 Side brotha note... I'd love it had been on the pitch to make Richard Pryor the villain in Super Man 3. There had to be a ton of cocaine used before during and after that. But I digress.

Wonder Woman had one tv show that all boys of a certain age remember and had a most recent failed pilot.  She has appeared in many animated shows and definitely earned her place as a part of the Big 3 for DC.

Man those are shiny pants

Here is the issue tho for the movie versions.  Batman is Batman. He does not have any powers so adapting his character across different mediums has never been an issue and probably why his cartoons and movies are more successful than others.  Superman and Wonder Woman are very different.  Even tho Supes has movies, when adapting him from the comics, the movies kinda have to depower him. Yes he is fast and strong and he can fly and has super breath and X ray vision and all but the movie versions seem to power him down a bit to make him more human( HE IS AN ALIEN PEOPLE- I'm Team Luthor)!  With Wonder Woman,  the tv show has made us focus on the bullet proof bracelets, the invisible jet, and the lasso of truth.  But if you take the version from the comics, she is as strong as Superman and is a kick ass warrior who is descended from Gods and can also fly.

It makes it difficult to find villains to fight against heroes like this.  If you watched the outstanding Justice League cartoon from the early 2000's, you will remember the first season, the Justice League fought various and numerous robots because the supporting members of the Justice League are all super powerful as well.

Look Aquaman can talk to the fishes but he is a super powered being as well.  Green Lantern, with the power of his mind, can do just about anything. Hawk-Girl, super powered Thanagarian. And Martian Man Hunter may be the most powerful character in the DC Universe. Good luck finding a credible villain to fight off one of them, let alone ALL of them.  And I am not including the Flash, who is powerful in his own right.

DC has to see that many of their main line characters are God Like with their powers and I think they realize that.  Its why we have that emo SuperMan and I am willing to bet that Aquabro will be emotionally tortured as well.  This makes them more human, I guess but it does not make them less powerful.  So how do they handle it in the cinematic universe?  The Avengers have Iron Man,  one super soldier, a demi God, and a Hulk but its also mixed in with two non powered heroes with Hawkeye and Widow.  Its a good mix of brains and brawn than evens out the team.  With Justice League, they are all super powered except Batman... it can lead to a sense of " these dudes are all powerful, who can eff with them?"  And its true.  If they are gonna rush this movie, they will need to power down a few heroes to make the villain in the movie a true threat or they will be fighting robots or Braniac ( which will come off as an Ultron knock off).

-The Producer

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