Thursday, June 25, 2015

How much Spidey in Civil War

Spiderman in Civil War

So much information dropped in comics and movies yesterday.  It was a bit of a geek overload to be honest with you and we are still catching up trying to get it all for you!  This bit dropped yesterday shortly after they announced fill in the blank white actor had just been cast as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

This is not really breaking news.  Word had been that Spiderman would make an appearance in Civil War and join the cast of thousands of heroes and villains in that movie already.  This article states that its going to be more of a drop in appearance( ala Lil Wayne on every rap track from 2003-2010) for Spiderman but the fill in the blank white actor playing Peter Parker/Spiderman would be reporting to the set immediately.

If you read the Civil War comics, you know Spiderman plays a very important role in the story and is central in the turmoil between Captain America and Iron Man.  It also, sadly, gave us the Iron Spider costume( sigh, Marvel. Just sigh).  But at this point, I am not sure how much more can they add.  My original thought was Spiderman would come in for this scene from the book, at some point, and maybe make another appearance later in the movie.
But the more I think about it, if they reveal his secret identity, that kind of messes things up later for the solo Spiderman movies.  So where does that leave us?  My guess is that Spiderman comes in and drops like 16 bars and his appearance is very brief. Word on the street is that the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America is based on the fact that the people are ok with the Avengers saving the world but not all the damage they cause.  Perhaps a scene in New York City illustrating that with Spiderman coming in talking/fighting on whichever side they place him on makes sense.

Marvel has to figure out a way to do this and not overdo it.  People love Spiderman and they love the fact that he will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now.  But, making him an Avenger or too big of a star in a movie called Captain America, may rub people the wrong way.  Plus, Captain America was to be the push out point leading to Black Panther.  I hope they don't scrub that to force Spiderman down our throat.

-The Producer

One of my favorite Spidey guest appearances

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