Thursday, June 4, 2015

WHAT IF.........

Thread: Black Cyclops speculation thread
A Brothascomics Joint:

    Dr.Henry Louis Gates, Jr, the star of the hit PBS show, Finding Your Roots, discovers that Black film maker,Spike Lee,is related to Marvel's Stan Lee. Imagine even more that the United States  finally passes the Controversial  Dave Chappelle's (I'm Rich B*TCH) Reparations Act granting black descendants of slave owners some Dividends. Spike Lee takes his from Stan Lee by taking over Marvel Entertainment.

    Spike's first order of business is to make a X-men movie in his image. If you were Spike Lee,  Who would you put into the movie ?

Professor X =  Samuel L. Jackson
Brother  Magneto =  Lawrence Fishburne
Wolverine = Jai White
Cyclops =  J. August Richards
Phoenix = Zoe Saladana
Storm = Lupita Nyong'o
Beast =  Cuba Gooding jr
Rouge= Megan Good

Mystique = Gabrielle Union
Sabretooth = Wesley Snipes
Toad = Spike Lee
Mastermind = Giancarlo Esposito
Scarlet Witch= Nicole Beharie
Quicksilver=  Curtiss Cook

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