Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Top 5 PC/ Console Games

5. Decathlon-  Atari 2600 , later  Atari 400
This Activision game cost me hours of childhood and friends. How many joysticks were broken just on the 1500 meters. Everyone would watch you do your events  to see if you would choke. Psiu! Você pode calcular o frete sozinho! Escreva sua pergunta...

4.City of Heroes - City of Heroes

Probably 1000 hours in this game. Many yawns at work and Thank you cards from Best Buy and Chase for 15.00  a month for two years. Great character creation and gameplay combined. I beat up 5th Column and COTs. I didn't like being a villain

3. WCW vs NWO  Revenge N64Publsiher: THQ Developer: Aki Corp. Genre: Wrestling Release Date: Oct ...

I still pull this out and it's still fun. Goldberg's Spear, The Razor's Edge. All the combinations. The game play is simple. 4 player games / royal rumbles were full of partnerships and then sneak attacks. No Ric Flair

2. Goal Line Blitz- PC

 I was addicted to this game. I made characters. I formed teams, created playbooks. set up chats, called blog sites for tips. The players were just colored dots. I stayed up recruiting free agents. pulled up playoff games at work. I had to give it up Goal Line Blitz - Image 01

 1. John Madden 92  GenesisJohn Madden Football 92 Photoblog

I walked two hours in the snow to buy this game and another hour to walk home. We played this game for 24 hours straight. We had tournaments, trophies and Crunchberries  won and lost. It had all 28 teams.  the only problem was about the coin flip.  I loved Tecmo Bowl but this had all 11 players. Goodbye Strat-o-Matic

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