Monday, June 15, 2015

The Blurred Lines/ Rachel Dolezal Awards

I created this award to recognize the Heroes and Villains that  can be accepted into the Brothapack and still walk down the street in a hoodie ,eating skittles and not be pursued/ killed by Paul Blart.

10.  Martian Manhunter - Green on the outside, Soul brother on the inside. The last of his kind, misunderstood by society. The comic book character has done everything. He passes as a white cop.
Martian ManHunter by Thuddleston
9. Night Crawler/ Mystique

Are they Related? Is there a race of Bamfs ?? Both characters  have adapted  to being Blackish. They can get into and out of tight spots  by using their abilities. Nightcrawler  use to scare the Sh@T out of White folks. Mystique has gone from a one trick pony to becoming a true star in the Marvel Universe. Mystique  might be Top 5 Bad Mutant  in Marvel.

8. Rorscharch 

The table setter for The Watchmen. He did it the way it  had to be done, Damn the rules. He took on anyone to find true justice. He was still patrolling the streets  and killing folks after the Keene Act was passed. Frank Castle protect your neck.

7.Gamora Zoe Saldana Is In Talks To Play Gamora In Guardians of The Guardians ...

Daughter of Thanos. Assassin, Freak in the streets and sheets. Let's fight superdudes in fishnet stockings. She wouldn't get into Walmart in that outfit. Green is the new black

6.Loki -The Lord of Lies. Constant pain in the ass of Thor and Midgard. Loki is the Asgardian  equivalent of Tupac. Always changing his style to get what he wants. He's also died about 7 times only to come back with another plot or scheme.  Black Sheep.

5. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.- The Hulks Hulk_Agents_of_SMASH

My first comparison to relate the Hulks to brothahood was to compare them to the Jacksons. Michael is the one we care about. Of course that is the original Green Hulk. He goes from good to bad like LeBron's Cavaliers. She Hulk posed nude like Latoya. Jermaine is Red Hulk. Actually the Hulks are closer to the unofficial first family of Brotherhood, Debarge. EL Debarge and Green Hulk have about the same rap sheet with law enforcement. The rest of A of S is a mess of semi- talented,can live without them folks who also are experts of being in front of a judge and wearing orange jumpers.

4. Starfire DC Comics SOCIAL

The hottest orange chick in a Bikini to kick your ass. Sold into slavery. trained to fight with no mercy. Learned languages by kissing. Robin got turned out. Try taking her to mother.


Wolverine is a foul mouthed, ill mannered, cigar smoking, whiskey drinking  killer  with claws and a unbreakable skeleton. He has more nicknames than your uncle junebug. He's a mutant and Canadian. He hates authority. Need I type more....

2. Batman -

THE DARK KNIGHT- Parents were robbed and killed while walking down the street. Went away to train in all kinds of fighting techniques and came back to catch the killer of his parents. He doesn't like authority. He likes fighting in the streets. What exactly does Wayne Enterprises sell ?

1.Spider-Man Spider-Man Spidrman

Trash talking, poor, loves red heads describes 70 % of black men. Now throw in that he was raised by his aunt and his former suit is now trying to kill him. He worked for a man that would pay him to show pictures of Spider Man getting beat up. His best friend Harry and his father, Norman, are his worst enemy. That's N.I.G.G.A. luck

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