Sunday, June 14, 2015

The British Invasion


O.K., granted I did not grow up reading comic books per say.  However, there is something about comic books that is supposedly inherently American, Correct?  So, someone please explain to me why most, if not a good 90% of the comic book/super hero movies that are being made by American Movie Studios are being played by British actors.  How is it that we have not been able to employ more American actors in a medium that is supposed to be generally very American.  Not that I have anything against a quality actor being given the opportunity to make a character their own, if they are the best actor up to the task.  However, it almost looks like the studios aren't even considering any American actors for some of these projects.  What is it with this?  

I can appreciated that British actors are able to articulate American accents with ease and seem to have a good grasp of the material in general.  However, when you look at the percentage of American actors to British/Australian actors playing these comic book, super hero characters the radio appears to be 3-1 at best.

Therefore, am I missing something, or are our American actors considered to be inferior when the project is to implement an environment that is supposed to be as American as Apple Pie.  It feels like the equivalent of an American actor playing Doctor Who or James Bond.   Just sayin!!!

SON-GEE (AKA Giggle Box)

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