Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DC Movies VS Marvel Movies

Our friends over at heroichollywood posted this article today!

Plot Batman V Superman

If you read the plot synopsis yesterday, it spoke of the two heroes fighting until something draws them together to fight against a common enemy.  Now this movie is already chocked full of heroes already with the two leads and with Aquabro and Wonder Woman confirmed to make an appearance.  Top that with suspected apperances by Cyborg and this movie has the possibility of running close to Schidlers List in terms of length.  Now word drops that the possible common enemy is Doomsday- the Super villain who killed Superman in the comics.  Word? This is the problem with DC( one of many) in their cinematic universe.  Marvel, God Bless them, really eanred that 1st Avengers movie.  They rolled out their heroes smartly and only dropped brief cameos that alluded to a much larger hero world that we had not seen.  The "Easter Eggs" at the end of the movies with Nick Fury, the inserts of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Hawkeye in Thor, were subtle nods to what is to come.  By the time we got to Avengers, characters had been established and it allowed the movie to not come off as some hokey Marvel team up from the 80's.  Batman V Superman is not setting up that way.  They are going to shoehorn as many heroes and villians  as possible into this movie and its going to come off as forced.  The director, Zack Snyder, has never been none for subtlety and DC has gone about this all wrong from the beginning.  They have never had an overall plan. They saw what Marvel did, and said, "we need to do that too" and are going to force it all in. I have a bet with Big Hutch and with SON-GEE that Aquabro wont actually happen because this movie is going to perform way below expectations and DC will be in scramble mode again looking to retsart their movie franchises.  I hope I am wrong but nothing I have seen or read makes me hopeful for this movie.
-The Producer

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